Homescapes – Help Austin To Renovate The Home

Homescapes – Help Austin To Renovate The Home

Based on a storyline

The Homescapes is designed by adding a user-friendly interface. It can be proved from the concept of a virtual assistant. In the game, an assistant available which is named as Austin. The Austin plays an important role in the game, his story is the base.

Austin is the owner of the home, which players need to renovate. The virtual assistant spent his childhood here and now want to rebuild those memories. To refresh all these things, he decides to renovate the home and the players are working as the source or medium.

In the game, Austin is providing proper instructions or guidance to the players. By it, a player can easily achieve the goals and makes the home highly impressive. All these things are also beneficial in understanding the game properly and introduce to all aspects.

Work in parts

The game is designed by keeping the comfort of players. The players never receive lots of tasks or renovation related work in advance or at once. For reducing the burden and make the game funny, entire work is divided into numerous parts.

These parts are presented in front of players in form of quests or tasks. The game makes some sets of tasks those are assigned by Austin time to time. When players complete a task at that time some amount of currency is credited into account as the reward.

After completing the set, players will receive an additional bonus or reward. It will boost the currency earning process of the players and provide them a good base. For renovating the home or improving items, players need to spend the stars. By using Homescapes.

Makes changes for better

During the renovation process, players are trying to give their best and provide an attractive look to the home. For it, some players use the creative skills and follow a particular theme which helps in setting a contrast to all furnished items. It can be possible by following a good pattern.

Sometimes, players need to make changes in previous renovated items for applying an impressive theme. The game allows the player for this particular action and makes any type of changes. The players can change the colour or carpet, style or design of furniture and many more.

How to get quick progress in the game?

The progress of players is completely depending on the renovation. Some players think that completing arcade levels defines the progress. It is not true. The arcade levels are added for the purpose of gathering funds only.

For the progress and unlocking achievements, players are required to complete the work of renovation and related tasks. The Austin helps a lot in performing all these activities without any type of issue.

The players are required to do more work on the home for increasing the experience level. More renovation tasks completed by players, the higher progress they will get. So, never pay attention to one particular thing. Try to set-up a balance between both concepts of the game. Let’s be friends in facebook.