Episode Choose Your Story Customize Your Own Characters

Episode Choose Your Story – Customize Your Own Characters

Episode interactive is the popular game development studio which is also getting game due to its awesome game creation Episode Choose Your Story. Well, this game is a collection of different stories that are inspired by the various genres. The game is also loved by gamers of different age groups from all around the globe. The game is not all about the stories but also has different episodes that are created by the different players. Each and every story has different characters and it is always revolving around the characters of the game. The initial stages of the game are easy but you also have to face difficulties in the further stages so it is important to make some strategies.

Getting started

The first thing players should do is to download the game and for this, you have to access the play store on your mobile device. After this, you have to download the game for which you need a strong internet connection. After this, you should create your profile and then customize or create your own character. There are lots of auto-generated players present and you can also choose from them and it saves lots of time. You don’t need to waste your time to customize the character. With the help of your profile, you can easily check out the stories that you have played before. You also have an option to link up with the social networking account in order to enjoy much more features of the game.

Concept of the game

When it comes to this game then there are two various concepts present which are creating and playing stories. Players can create stories and also play the multiple stories present in the game. If you don’t want to create stories then you don’t need to worry and you can choose this game only for playing the stories. Players have to create their own characters and to make the right choices in the game to move further. If you are creating stories but not publishing them then this is not worthy. Players should always publish the stories in order to share them with their friends or other players. In this way, you can also get a good fan following but for this, you have to create the interesting stories. Without making a good story, you can’t get the attention of other players.